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From how to get your project started, initial prototypes or building growth.


Angels, Seed, VCs or Crowdfunding advice, including financial modeling to help you grow.


Providing market and industry direction to help you position yourself as a market leader.


Coaching clear, effective & powerful presentations to help you get your message across.

Management Leadership

Coaching to empower you to develop as a leader or manager.

Products & Tech

Helping you to build your MVP, project manage and deliver great products.


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Consulting & Financing

MBT Startup Mentoring


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A simple process

How can TACON help you?

  • Step One

    Let's talk

    The simplest way is to talk (face to face, skype, etc) and talk through your current problem. A simple coffee together can often help get to the bottom of the real issue and then the fun begins.

  • Step Two

    Build a plan

    We'll build a result driven delivery plan together as to how to tackle each area of your problem; including steps after TACON's involvement.

  • Step Three

    Harder. Better. Strong. Faster.

    Time to put the plan into action and supercharge you into a road of success!

  • Step Four

    Follow up support

    Our work is never done, even after the support we've provided is done, we'll be here to keep supporting you.

  • Now

The brains behind TACON

The right support for you

Toby Allen

Toby Allen

CEO & Founder

Eight years of senior management, operations and leadership experience predominantly in the software industry, developing video games, websites and digital projects.

Developed project strategies, execution and delivery following internal goals or client briefs. Product managed day-to-day cross-discipline operations of large software projects such including milestone, risk and cross-functional teams. Direct responsibility and overall management of teams of up to 160 people split locally and globally (Czech Republic, China, USA, India, UK, Australia.) with up to 8-10 direct reports.

With Accomplishments such as:
  • Delivering over 16 video games
  • Handled budgets of up to $75m
  • Lead Inventor Relations & Crowdfunding pitches
  • Managed teams from 5 to 160 globally
  • Mentored over 32+ Startups
  • Mentoring for Mind the Bridge

"Toby was very instrumental in helping me focus on my goals and provided great guidance on strategies to achieve them. He was very professional and very generous of he’s time. I will work with him again in the future."
-- Julie Brown, Founder at Julie Bee's

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